I am a documentary filmmaker who is always looking to film inspiring stories that give new insights, told by people from all over the world. I am also the founder of Bureau NY, a creative production company I run with husband and cinematographer Remco Bikkers. I am New York based, Dutch born and ready to rumble.

I have a congenital urge to cross borders and love working under challenging circumstances with a preference for the unknown. I direct and I oversee our own productions but also work on other people's productions. I love to create new projects. My hidden talents are my research skills: finding and filming interesting stories and memorable characters. Specialized in character driven documentary series but also direct documentaries, TV shows and commercials.

What else is there to know? Sailed around the world on a three mast ship in the footsteps of Charles Darwin. Found a dinosaur tooth that was 90 million years old. Swam around the Statue of Liberty in New York. Caught a bear by using pink glazed donuts. And I love to play nose flute, especially on Fridays

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