For several Dutch national broadcasters I am making reports, short documentaries and background stories as a reporter/director or researcher.

Daily current affairs
NOS & NTR – Dutch National Public Broadcasters.

‘Nieuwsuur’ (Dutch for News Hour) is a daily independent journalistic television program that covers national and international news, political- and economic background stories and sports. Through the years we have made many stories about the US, interviewing Obama, John Lewis, James Salter, Hillary Clinton and many more. We filmed stories about the pandemic, the George Floyd protests and the elections of the past 12 years.

News & Background stories, daily broadcasts
TROS & AVRO – Dutch Public Broadcaster

EenVandaag ‘OneToday’ is a news and background program that has been around on Dutch television for over 20 years, with daily early night episodes on the national channel called NPO 1.

Background stories, weekly broadcasts
KRO-NCRV – Dutch Public Broadcasters

Background-news platform and tv program focused on various urgent, political, economical, social or environmental issues. Searching for the stories behind the news.

Background stories, weekly broadcasts
BNNVARA – Dutch Public Broadcasters

Zembla is examining the former business ties the President has since the Russians are alleged to be in possession of sensitive information about Trump and that exposes him to possible blackmail. Trump swears he has no ties with the Russians. But is that actually the case?