Docu Soap - 9 episodes, 45 minutes
Blue Circle for Net 5 (part of commercial broadcaster SBS)

In Jamie’s Kitchen Fifteen, chef Jamie Oliver attempts to train a group of fifteen disadvantaged youth, who will — if they complete the course — be offered jobs at Oliver's new restaurant, Fifteen, in Amsterdam.

Over 10 weeks the students are educated by various well known and respected Dutch chefs to become real kitchen professionals. They visit organic farms to see ‘where meat comes from’ and they even travel to Umbria in Italy to learn all about truffles, olive oils, wine and much more.

Ilja directed and filmed the adventures, hardships, and successes of the 15 chefs-to-be. For 7 months she was a part of the student’s world and captured their life-changing journey on camera. The filming, editing and broadcasting of the series happened concurrently with the opening of Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant in Amsterdam, and the graduation of the students forming the spectacular ending in the last episode.